Start/finish at Rocky Point for all races unless otherwise stated.

Winter Series 2024

May 12 to the end of September – 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month – starting around noon

Stokes Point (P)
Soldiers Point (P)
Avalon Sailing Club (S)
Rocky Point (S) (Short course finish)
Towlers Bay (S)
Taylors Bay (S)
Rocky Point – Finish
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Summer Series 2023/24

Wednesday Twilights
Every Wednesday night from 4 October 2023 until April 2024 excluding some dates over the Christmas period. The last race is the Ladies’ Day Race.

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Stokes Point
Soldiers Point
Taylor’s Point(s)

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Two Island Race Series

Race 1 – November  | Race 2 – January  | Race 3 – March

12.00 start
Lion Island to port
Scotland Island to starboard

Finish time recorded then handicap applied.

Members sailing who have not paid their Annual Fees or signed a Disclaimer are not given start times or finish placements.

All skippers are expected to have the correct time e.g. from a smart phone, and start at, or after, the time indicated on the start sheet.

The start/finish line will be between the Rocky Point rounding mark and the stern of the start boat moored approximately South East of the Rocky Point mark.

If there is no start boat, for instance in Winter or for the Two Island Series, the start/ finish line is between the red Rocky Point mark and the green post near Little Lovett Bay.


The basic rules of sailing will apply. Spinnakers etc. are not permitted – however headsails may be poled downwind.

Protests are not encouraged – however anyone with a problem, and accompanied by two cases of beer, may approach the start boat where the protest will be heard and possibly dealt with.

No boat is to sail on the inside of any channel markers or moorings! The committee reserves the right to apply penalties for breach of instructions or rules.

All boats to carry VHF radios tuned to Channel 73 for communication with the start boat.

All boats to fly the WPYC burgee.

The start boat, at their discretion, may shorten the course when necessary and where possible, to form a line with a mark of the course or channel marker. This line is to be crossed in the direction of the last leg.

Racing Rules by Allen Brothers


Start boat contact:

Ian Major 0432 576 942 and VHF Channel 73