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Winter Series 2022

The first race is on May 22 and then the 1st and 4th Sunday of each month until the end of September. If there is no start boat, start at, but not before, your allocated time. On finishing, note the boats immediately ahead and behind and text a report of all three, in finishing order, to 0409 586 533 or

Race 4 – Start Times | Finish | Points

Race 3 – Start Times | Finish | Points

Race 2 – Start Times | Finish | Points

Race 1 – Start Times | Finish

Summer Series 2021/22

Every Wednesday night from 13 October 2021 until 30 March 2022 EXCEPT 29 December, 5 and 12 January. Last race is the Ladies’ Day Race. All race dates available here.

Ladies Day Race

The final race before the AGM is dedicated to the ladies of the club and a separate trophy awaits the winner.
At the helm of each competitor is to be a lady, or a close facsimile thereof. Festive decoration of craft is encouraged and a second trophy will go to ‘Best Dressed’.

The number of competitors placed no strain on the race officials with only twelve making it as far as the start line. However, the finishing order, past the leading three, has been lost in the bilge of the ‘Major Percerverance’, so the list below the podium is of those who showed up in order of WPYC number.

129 – Andromeda II – 1st – Brenden Delaney (DSQ)
47 – Wetassagain – 2nd – Jeannie Orr
16 – Greybeard II – 3rd – Leisa Stranack
19 – Wanderer
34 – Pinta Bay
35 – Shazbut
36 – TBA alpha
97 – Maskerade
101 – Trixie
113 – Alpha
126 – Mystic 7
128 – Hard Core
90 – Florrie – retired before the start with a broken gaff

Two Island Race 2021/22

Race 1 – Sunday November 14 | Results

Race 2 – Sunday January 9 | Results | Series

Race 3 – Sunday March 13 | Results | Series Results

This is a casual race and an opportunity for you to use that spinnaker or assy that you have lying in the bilge – with a suitable handicap penalty applying of course.

If there is no start boat, we start at noon anyway, between the red Rocky Point mark and the green post near Little Lovett Bay. Finish times and spinnaker declarations are noted by competitors who then text them to 0409 586 533 or send an email to

No prizes for guessing the course but just to be clear, there are two marks, each one an island. – Lion Island (port) and Scotland Island (starboard). Finish at the Rocky Point mark.


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Incident Report Form

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Emergency Guide and Procedures for Broken Bay

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