This document aims to define the objects of the Club so that its original concept may not be lost or diluted with the passage of time and/or Members, nor fundamentally changed in any way. Persons desiring otherwise are free to choose from numerous other boating clubs which may better serve their requirements.


Founding Members of the Woody Point Yacht Club were a dedicated group of social drinkers with a boating problem. Their motivation was and is the enjoyment of the Pittwater and its inhabitants, largely facilitated by craft giving access to the remote foreshores and to the water itself. Suitable craft included tinnies, yachts, putt-putts, work boats, in fact anything that floats – and even some vessels whose buoyancy is questionable.
These craft provide a platform for the many and varied pastimes enjoyed by Members, including fishing, yachting, putt-putt regattas, picnics, parties, breakfasts, etc.
The Club does not favour a particular pastime so long as a boat is involved either as a means to an end (i.e. transport, fishing) or an end in itself (i.e. sailing, cruising, just messing).
The Club has a penchant for all things traditional – timber boats in particular – and prefers the simple family orientated atmosphere inherent in our unique community.


A Commodore shall be elected by popular vote at the Annual General Meeting together with other office bearers as required. A Committee of five Members shall be responsible for organising all functions during the year. The camaraderie shared by Members is such that ‘rules’ in the normal sense are inappropriate and any semblance of formality is purely for the entertainment such pomp and ceremony usually provides.
However, to maintain a friendly and intimate atmosphere, club membership shall be limited to 100 persons in any year on a first come first served basis. The club does not discriminate, even ladies and Kiwis are eligible to join. Senior citizens (capable of pulling beer) may also join and hold office.
In the interests of safety and practicality, Flag Officers may limit the number of vessels participating in aquatic events. The Committee may on behalf of the Members cause a limited number of Trophies to be executed and awarded annually in perpetuity in recognition of sportspersonship, generosity, drinking prowess etc.


The founding members believed that the Club should not accumulate money, real estate or any other assets of a major nature (other than a Temprite). Food and sufficient kegs are to be applied at the AGM to ensure that a zero balance is recorded at season’s end. Members should contribute no more than is necessary to cover immediate and unavoidable costs e.g. the next round. The Club’s only assets are the Pittwater, and the warm hospitality so readily offered by members. At the time of writing, no provision for depreciation need be made in respect of these assets. Members unable (or unwilling) to meet their financial obligations i.e. bastards who won’t pay, may at the Committee’s discretion be threatened with Life Membership to alleviate the Treasurer’s workload. Such a penalty may also be applied to Members issuing worthless I.O.Us.


The ability to hold meetings and make decisions at short notice was crucial to the Club in its infancy. Founding members, in their wisdom, defined a quorum to be constituted by one member and one bottle of champagne. However, in these times of financial hardship, one bottle of beer may be substituted in lieu of champagne provided that such decisions are ratified at the next Committee meeting. (Suitable rats for this purpose may be found adjacent to the Pasadena kitchen). Committee meetings will generally be conducted in the vicinity of Church Point Cellars and all Club Notices shall be posted on the official Notice Board within this fine establishment. Members are urged to visit the Cellars regularly to consult the Notice Board and to participate in extraordinary meetings which are held daily and twice on Public Holidays. Notices will not be mailed to Members.

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