Following our winter of discontent, it is great to bring you all some welcome news. After lengthy negotiations with the NSW Authorities and careful navigation through the shoals and moving sands of the Public Health Orders, the Woody Point Summer Series will commence with the first pointscore race on Wednesday 13 October.
However, conditions apply, so please study them carefully before you venture out or you risk not only heavy penalties for non-compliance but may put the entire event at risk.
Apart from those general instruction, please read and follow to the letter, the conditions below which are the reason we have been able to start our season so early:
A COVID-19 Safety Plan has been created for the event (copy attached) and this has received a positive written response from the Environmental Health Risk Manager of the Northern Area Health Service and a written acknowledgement from the Broken Bay Water Police who will be actively monitoring compliance each night.
The following conditions apply to all boats (official boats included) and compliance is the responsibility of each individual skipper, consistent with our mantra ‘You’re the skipper – You’re responsible’.
  • The event must comply with the current Public Health (COVID-19 Additional Restrictions for Delta Outbreak) Order (No 2) 2021.
  • The event must be in accordance with the guidance provided by NSW RMS.
  • As per the guidance provided by NSW RMS, the gathering (aboard each boat) must be restricted to two people on a vessel or more if all are from the same household. If all are double vaccinated, the maximum number aboard is five, always provided that there is 4 square metres per person.
  • There must be no gatherings before or after the event. All social distancing rules should be followed on the participant and crew boats.
  • All participants must be from the Northern Beaches LGA.
  • Every skipper must record all crew’s contact details and vaccination status using a QR code or written log.
If anyone has any questions, please contact me by email.